August 29 Double Header

The Iron Range Maidens hosted a surprise double header on Saturday August 29th at the Hodgins-Berardo Arena.

The night started off with Bemidji’s Babe City Rollers taking on Moose Lake Mafia. A final score of 139 to 108 gave the Babes the win. Moose Lake put up a good fight with the help of some foster skaters from Harbor City Roller Dames. The Babes continue to show off their endurance and amazing team work with a short roster of only 9 skaters. Fine Day Fury and Hot Flash Gordon made their debut with the Babes.

BCR vs. MLM; Copyright 2015 JWesley.Bailey

BCR vs. MLM Copyright 2015 JWesley.Bailey

The Maidens were excited to give the crowd of 200 people a win. Aberdeen, South Dakota’s A-Town brought their A game with a small roster of only 9 skaters as well, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Maidens. The final score was 189 to 90.

Copyright 2015 Quick 'N' Derby

Copyright 2015 Quick ‘N’ Derby

Back in May A-Town battled with the Maidens at Rumble in the Valley Roller Derby Tournament in Grand Forks. In a 20 minute bout the maidens pulled out a win by only 3 points. The anticipation of playing a full bout against A-Town drove the maidens to practice harder and work on strategies.

Peanut Slugger-N-Jam, Addy Tude, and Miz D Meanor did not disappoint in their first bout back after a personal sabbatical. Winter is Coming made her debut as a true Maiden.

Peanut, Miz D and Addy Copyright 2015 JWesley.Bailey

Peanut, Miz D and Addy
Copyright 2015 JWesley.Bailey

If you are interested in skating, helping out, or just staying in loop with what the team is doing, you can follow the Maidens on Facebook or email Since the bout, many ladies have stepped forward hoping to join the team. There are no tryouts to be a Maiden; Show up, get your gear, and pass the tests.

The last bout of the season will take place at the Hodgins-Berardo arena in Coleraine on October 3rd at 6pm. The Maidens are grateful for your support and hope to see you on the 3rd.